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For Crap’s Sake, Stay Home

Yeah, I’m talking to you. Everybody that leaves their personal bubble for Thanksgiving to gather with family or friends is absolutely, positively going to kill somebody by Christmas. Might be somebody you know and love; might be a complete stranger. And while I think I’ve done a pretty good job for selecting against sociopaths among my readership, if it’s the only motivation that moves you, it might be you. Chris Eliopoulos put is succinctly on the Twitters today:

Lots of people upset they can’t be with families this Thanksgiving or selfishly plan on being with a large group anyway. Well, my family will have 1 member on call for the EMT, so do him and all of the first responders a favor & stay out of large groups & wear masks.

This quote is an endorsement¹.

Despite not traveling anywhere, this is your advance notice that the blog will go quiet after Wednesday for the long weekend, so please enjoy your tryptophan and pie at home, away from everybody else. Don’t be That Guy².

In actual webcomics news:

  • I am pleased to note that Wondermark creator David Malki ! is at it again, and by it I mean a deep dive into the wildly inconsistent and frankly disturbing coloring of Garfield strips over the past however many decades. I know that it sounds like the stupidest thing ever, but it’s actually pretty fascinating after a while. Check it.
  • Iron Circus holiday sale? Iron Circus holiday sale, from now until 1 Dec, with 25% off all physical items (unless already discounted) in the store. Keep in mind that thanks to the fuckery with the Postal System earlier in the year, you really should get your shopping done sooner to allow for what will surely be longer mailing times — do not under any circumstances go to the mall this season — and you should probably keep an eye on the TopatoCo annual shipping advisory as they are the gold standard when it comes to shipping smarts:

    Please allow orders up to 8 business days to ship

    Also note that the non-US deadline is today and good luck to you as you make your orders very quickly.

  • Something to look forward to in December besides possible vaccine availability: Jeeyon Shim and Shing Yin Khor’s new interactive journaling game. Prelaunch for the Kickstart is now live, witha green button on the page you can click to be notified when it goes live. This looks like a good ‘un.
  • Seriously, stay home. Do it for the old folks. What are you, some kind of monster that hates grandmas?

Relax Your Neck Muscles in 10 Minutes Using Neck Massager

That is … surprisingly reasonable. Is this a trap?

¹ As most readers will know, I am also an EMT; in fact, I got elected to be Chief of my agency, so I’m now responsible for the well-being of two dozen EMTs. We’re having to once again take PPE and decontamination precautions that we were able to stop with back in May because somebody you know is a plague vector that is trying to kill themselves, everybody around them, and my people. Knock that shit off.

² And by That Guy, I mean US Senator and fae changeling Ted Cruz, specifically. Of all the people you don’t want to be, Ted Cruz is at the top of the list because seriously, fuck that guy.

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