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I Would Consider It A Personal Favor

As I believe has been made clear on this page since the very beginning, Randy Milholland is a treasure and Something*Positive one of the best webcomics being made in this or any year. I know that we’ve all been wrapped up in the high emotional stakes of the last¹ few strips, but I’m here to remind you of something else:

Dude is a scholar of Popeye and his run on Popeye’s Cartoon Club was the most life that storied old sailor’s seen in decades. It would be the height of sense for King Features syndicate to bring him back on the strip full time, or at least have him do Sunday strips for the next forever. Lots of us said this during his run on Popeye’s Cartoon Club, and it seems we have the opportunity to say it again:

Hey, if you liked my Popeye strips, Comics Kingdom is doing a survey about which older comics to restart and Popeye is one of ’em. Consider for voting (and maybe mention my name and my Popeye strips. No, I have no shame)

That from Milholland at the top of S*P today, and it takes just about a minute to fill out the survey:

  1. If you could get more of one of your favorite classic King Features comics with new art and stories, would you choose:
    [Popeye is one of the choices, which also includes an “Other” choice you can type in]
  2. If there were one classic King Features comic you absolutely WOULD NOT want to see new comics for, it would be:
    [Same list as #1]
  3. What would be your feelings about seeing new comics for the following classic King Features characters?
    [Same list as #1, but rating each on a five point scale from Very Unhappy to Very Happy]
  4. Do you have any other thoughts about seeing a revival of any classic King Features comics?
    [Open response]

I answered, respectively, Other: Popeye, specifically with Randy Milholland; Other: I would want you to bring none of them back until after you’ve brought back Popeye with Randy Millholand; rated all neutral or better, but top marks for Popeye; and a long comment about how not only should they give Randy Popeye, they should also convince Disney to give them the license for a daily Duck comic and let Randy have that, too. The only thing Randy’s a deeper scholar of than Popeye is the history of Duckburg and the citizens thereof.

Fly, my pretties, and let King Features know your mind: you love great comics and want to see them spread. Also, because Randy promised that if he got to do more Popeye strips he’d let us know the name and deal of the Sea Hag’s intern, and she’s the best new comics character since Zonker Harris.

Spam of the day:

Good afternoon.. Here is a backing soundtrack we did for a client, just listen, maybe some track will suit your company as corporate music

I think you’re trying to pass off the work of an actual house music composer as a job you did for a client, Mr Obviously Fake Name. That’s … weird. Just to counter this, I’ll encourage folks who are into that sort of thing to look up VS Vladimiros on YouTube and maybe they’ll decide to give them the attention instead of you.

¹ In that one, we got an answer to my question — Fred did get to hand out candy on Halloween night, and for that I will always be grateful.

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