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I Just Realized That There’s A Double Meaning To The Title

I mean, I should have realized, the map of the world that showed up waaaay back¹ when, where we realized that it was the body of God and the towns Abigail and Daniel visited, they were running up the spine. It’s not just that Abigail is BACK from the dead, she’s literally been crawling up somebody’s BACK.

I’d link pages but …

<!DOCTYPE html>

At the moment, that snippet of code you see above is the whole of BACK, so if you’re looking for the latest of KC Green and Anthony Clark’s story, Green’s got you set over at Tumblr.

Yes, this is a short post, but I wanted to mention the Tumblr, and also to have a spot to put spam, because the other post today doesn’t get spam.

Spam of the day:

Enter for your chance to have your Mortgage Paid

<voice = "Adrian Veidt">
Pay off my mortgage? I paid it off thirty-five days ago.

Thirty-seven, actually. Mortgage got sold to a sucky company and I decided with the interest rates on savings being so much lower than rates on my mortgage, it was time to dip into reserves and just put that sumbitch to bed. It took sixteen years and five months, but I’m out of debt.

¹ So to speak.

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