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A Few Words On The Barbarous Side Stories As We Wait For A Million Shoes To Drop

I trust that you all know by now how very good Barbarous by Yuko Ota and Ananth Hirsh is; I mean, I’ve written about it enough in the past.

With the recent conclusion of Chapter Five/Season One, Hirsh and Ota have turned art duties over to friends for a series of four- or five-page short stories, which have multiple reasons to recommend them:

  • Ota and Hirsh have focused on long form stories for so long, it’s easy to forget how well they can haul you in with a handful of pages. Don’t believe me? I have two words for you, friend: PONY. COP.
  • So far, two of the three have focused on Cecilia, the eponymous Girl With The Skeleton Hand, who’s been a background character in Barbarous, but hasn’t had a starring turn for nearly a decade. There’s stuff going on with Cecilia (capital-S Stuff, even), she’s got more history and authority than she’s letting on. As much as they want to tell us about Cee, I want to read.
  • The art! Befitting folks who’ve been doing [web]comics forever, Hirsh and Ota have some very skilled friends. Case in point: today’s installment from Magnolia Porter Siddell has all the round, cartoony characters she does so well, but that fourth panel where the kindly old ghosts sudden go dark, practically merging into one monstrous face? That sudden shift in tone (where the art finally catches up with the text) and then back to sunshine and rainbows? That’s some godsdamned poetry right there.

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