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Yeah, We’re Skipping Today

Working on about three hours sleep thanks to a protracted late-night EMS call that involved police action. I know those two words make people nervous, so let me assure you that the police action was determining whether or not the patient fabricated an emergency that could get entirely innocent folks charged with felonies.

I may have mentioned in the past that if I miss out on sleep because somebody needs help, that’s okay; even relatively low-grade help that you could have worked out yourself but you think you’ll get seen sooner because we wheel you in¹, I can live with that.

But for glob’s sake, if you just want a ride home two towns over, don’t make up a medical emergency and ask to be taken to the hospital that’s in the direction you want to go. And really don’t make up imaginary Black dudes assaulting you. That’s a dick move.

¹ That doesn’t work. Charge nurses will sniff out escalation attempts and send you to chairs without raising an eyebrow.

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