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On The Cusp Of Something New

Cusps, actually, as there are several webcomics that are right at the verge of something more. Let’s hit ’em.

Oh boy do I love BACK by KC Green (who is one of the smartest writers webcomics has, with a huge amount of depth behind surfaces that sometimes look easy to dismiss) and Anthony Clark (whose smooth lines and almost chibi characters are the definition of charming, but also provide the platform for real emotional depth), which is near to 300 multi-page updates and has put its main character — Agatha, a cowgirl and force of nature/chaos — into a philosophical conversation with … God?

Agatha’s on the cusp of a decision, brought to this point by everything she’s experienced, all the expectations placed on her, and wondering about the right thing to do, which I don’t think anybody’s ever asked her what her opinion might be. She’s been led and directed from place to place, forced into one path or another, everybody trying to boss her around (except Daniel) and nobody’s ever wondered if maybe she doesn’t want to end the world?


Power Nap
Okay, it’s done and dusted, as was recently discussed, but we have today a) a final volume cover image, and b) a promise of what Martiza Campos and Bachan will be working on next, which is always exciting. Keep your eyes (pyramid-housed or no) on the page, or maybe hit the RSS feed so you can get in on the ground floor of whatever’s next.


Kill Six Billion Demons
Say what you will about Tom Parkinson-Morgan, dude know how to both wrap up a storyline on a cliffhanger, and how to tease a new (in this case, final) story arc. The art on KSBD has never been less than impressive as hell, but the fine details, line weight, and especially coloring subtlety have been on a steady trajectory upward over the story’s run, resulting in some of the most bizarrely packed (yet never cluttered) apocalyptic fever-dream images ever committed to comics. They’re like a Final Fantasy boss monster met Old Testament angels met the art on a 1970s panel van owned by the world’s biggest Hawkwind fan who was stoned out of their gourd on the exact same stuff as John of Patmos, and I mean that in the best possible way.

And it’s all coming down to this: the last volume of the story, although let’s acknowledge that each volume has exceeded the page count of the previous, ranging from a low of 92 pages to the most recent topping out at 170; at an average of two updates a week (granted, some are multiple behemoths), we may be looking at two years or more of what’s likely to be breakneck-pace Technicolor eschatology¹ that will ramp up the tension all the way to the end; Parkinson-Morgan’s always had a period of downtime for the characters between previous volumes, and that’s just gone out the metaphorical window along with the everything², it looks like.

Spam of the day:

Shocking Proof God’s Plan Is Coming True…

Is this about Stephen Miller getting COVID? Because if you tell me that’s a bullet point on God’s Plan, I may have to re-evaluate this whole atheism thing.

¹ Look it up.

² I mean, when your Big Bad makes an entrance with the equivalent of a tactical nuke just to get your attention, I think it’s time for a whole new scale of stakes and the raising thereof.

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