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Watching The CXC Kickoff Reception

Updates to this post as things occur.

  • There will be a CXC 2021, and the goal is to have a named award memorializing Tom Spurgeon to present then.
  • Jerzy Drozd, interim director, speaks really naturally to Zoom; it doesn’t feel like he’s separated by time and space, it feels like he’s in the room with you.
  • Transformative Work award for changing the industry to Nate Powell, Andrew Aydin, and the late Rep John Lewis. Powell accepted the award, accompanied by his cat, looking like a small version of the lions in front of the main branch NYC Public Library.
  • Master Cartoonist award for significant & sustained contribution to Diane Newman.
  • Emerging Talent award is usually presented on the floor with Jeff Smith & Vijaya Iyer surprising the recipient with a giant novelty check (and a real one). This year it goes to Gabby Metzler with a surprise Zoom, holding up her check for US$7500 cash money, which was a joyous moment.
  • Locher Award For Political Cartoons (for younger cartoonists) presented by AAEC to Tom Coute (runner up) and Catherine Gong (winner). Judges were Pia Guerra, Keith Knight, and Jen Sorensen.
  • Jenny Robb and Caitlin McGurk had some tech issues and said what were probably great world but couldn’t be heard for most of their introduction to Tom Gammill greeting the session from the Ernie Bushmiller Museum (in his house). Bushmiller says Wash your hands!
  • Non-trademark violating Pictionary-alike! Keith Knight, Kate Beaton, Fábio Moon, and Jeff Smith playing Paper Charades for speed drawing fun amusements, and the audience trying to guess what they were drawing. Fun!
  • There was a tour of the vaults with Jenny and Caitlin, with special guests along the way.
  • Garry Trudeau made a gift of 75+ Pogo strips to the Billy Ireland.
  • I have to go walk my dog, so I’ma miss a chunk here. It’s being recorded and you’ll be able to catch it on the YouTube channel.
  • Bill Watterson talked about Richard Thompson and Cul de Sac.

More of CXC this weekend.

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