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And Again

My tech issues are actually worse today and I have reached that point of utter calm that is past the anger and frustration. Even if nothing else blows up¹ I’m still hours behind with a rapidly dwindling amount of time left to work with. Maybe I can get one of those reviews up tomorrow³ but honestly not likely before Monday. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fun fact: Fleen’s WordPress rendering doesn’t do the shrugmoji unless you substitute in the HTML entity for the tsu katakana (ツ). Otherwise, it shows as ¯\_(?)_/¯, which actually — yeah, same.

Spam of the day:

Hello, we need some additional information regarding your business to be registered on Amazon Alexa and Siri (iPhones) so people can find your company using Voice Search.

If I ever care about Alexa, it will only be because I code this website to loudly play an audiofile of me shouting Alexa, play It’s A Small World After All, maximum volume, repeat twenty times on loading.

¹ And if anything does, I’m out of workarounds. We’ll have to call off class early and find a way to redo, which could be a Charlie Foxtrot of immensely chewy proportions².

² Thanks to Howard Tayler, who taught me how much Charlie loves to dance the Foxtrot.

³ I’d break my Probably no posts on Fridays until the world is less of a horrorshow pattern because it’s not like you’ve gotten any posts this week.

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