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Shutting Up Today

There’s nothing I can say that needs to be said. I’m spending my time, and suggest you spend yours, perusing the work of people who haven’t gotten attention they should have earned and bookmarking it for later.

May I suggest you seek out a Black artist thread, or just trawl through the #DrawingWhileBlack. If you’re pressed for time and looking for a collaborator or artist for hire, there’s a directory featuring more than 50 fine artists, more than 100 painters, more than 40 game designers, more than 100 graphic designers, more than 100 animators, more than 100 comics artists, and more than 400 (!) illustrators.

Or maybe just promote to others the best up-and-coming Black artist you’ve found recently. For me, that would be Dylan B Caleho, who blew my socks off with the mini she had at MoCCA last year, and whose comics work is impeccable. I want a publisher to give her a dump truck full of money to expand Don’t Linger to graphic novel size.

Okay, you’ve got your tasks for today. See you tomorrow.

Spam of the day:
For the next little while, Spam of the day will be replace by the SM20 Countdown. This is the number of days until 12 June 2020, the 20th anniversary of continuous, seven days a week, one big story arc updates at Schlock Mercenary¹.

SM20 Countdown for 2 June 2020:

¹ Obligatory update: Schlock Mercenary creator Howard Tayler is my evil twin. As far as opposite doppelgangers from a parallel dimension², he’s probably the nicest you could hope to have.

² In this case, either Utah, where he has lived his adult life, or Florida, where he was born. Tayler is likely the least disastrous Florida Man in history.

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