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Time To Bring The F-Six Back Out

[Update to add: Okay, closed now, for all of you being awesome.]

The thing you need to know is that Karla Pacheco, self-described Johnny Appleseed of Mary Worth Eats Ass t-shirts, is a terrible person. The living embodiment of questionable decisions and Fireball, she will absolutely bring about the Blood Reckoning and very possibly be the cause of my own death. Just terrible.

She also writes rad comic books¹ and her questionable decisions are something I’d aspire to if I were more courageous. I love her entire deal unreservedly, and never moreso than for the fact that she’s trying her damndest to make the world suck just a little bit less, because postsocietal collapse dystopias are only fun (very fun) when they’re pretend.

Because within that walking chaos vortex is a heart the size of the Exxon Valdez:

I feel sick and powerless. My body isn’t much stronger than my bank account, but some things I can do.

I will match all donations up to $2000 dollars.

Even if you can only give $5, I can make it $10 right now.

The Fleen Fight For Fungible Futures Fund is open again. I will match Karla’s contributions on a two-to-one basis, and will extend that 2:1 match, up to US$4000 total, to North Star Health Collective or any other street medic organization².

Post your receipts to Karla’s Twitter (or DM her if you don’t want it public) until she closes down. If she hasn’t hit her limit, mail your receipts to gary at fleen, which is a dot-com. I want to get this money out there, so let’s say we close this one at noon EDT on Wednesday.

Spam of the day:
Nope. Not today.

¹ Not to mention being the direct inspiration for two webcomic characters: May the AI and Miss Ink.

² Reminder: I am an Emergency Medical Technician and police in Minneapolis and elsewhere have been targeting clearly identifiable medical personnel and aid stations.

Know who else was an EMT? Breonna Taylor. So yeah, even though I should regard all these police violence tragedies equally, I take that one a little more personally.

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