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I Feel The Need For Some Every Moves

I note that time and circumstance has combined for me to not post anything of substance the last couple of Fridays.

I also note that I am frequently telling other folks in These Times — right now, we are all From Circumstances — that one must practice self-care.

I have decided to combine these two notes. Until the news is less horrific and more comics-y, I am going to be cutting the Friday posts down to something minimal and doing my best to step away from [gestures] yeah, this. I trust you’ll understand this new tradition.

But before I go, listen to the first six and a half minutes or so of the newest Comic Lab if you want to know why I have been gently rebuffing my wife’s suggestion that YouTube has self-haircut tutorials. Then listen to the rest ’cause Cat Farris is the guest and she’s awesome.

Spam of the day:

In your e-mail address I had booked a ticket to participate in the drawing of Russian Lotto. Use the ticket and take part in the draw can be the link or the same.

Yeah, no.

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