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Return To Narrative Form

Sometimes, you know the wait is gonna be worth it; there’s your favorite creator, tossing notes on the sosh-meeds, cryptic hints to those not at a sufficiently high Patreon tier. They’re working on something, and based on past evidence, it’s got you in a state of anticipation.

Enter: Danielle Corsetto.

She’s done some neat stuff since Girls With Slingshots wrapped in — my goodness! — 2015 (uhh, spoilers at the link if you didn’t read it five years ago). There’s the I-refuse-to-believe-it’s-dead diary comic, 32, and she wrote a sex ed comic for a year over at Webtoons, but that meaty, longform, character-driven narrative has been her behind the scenes project for a couple years now. On Friday, she let those not Patreonizing her in on the news:

Unlike GWS, Elephant Town is going to be a long-form graphic novel! So it’ll be shared online every Monday in chunks of 2-5 pages (depending on the scene – I don’t wanna leave people mid-conversation, waiting a whole week for a character to finish their thought!).

I won’t say too much about the premise, but it’s about life in my little town of Shepherdstown, West Virginia, through the eyes of four characters who don’t know each other … yet.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — Corsetto is at her best when Shepherdstown is involved. She may not have ever made it the location of Girls With Slingshots (actually, it had to be somewhere in central New Jersey, not too far from New Brunswick), but it was, or near enough. The presence of The Meck made that clear enough.

So here’s the deal: enough pages as makes sense go up on Mondays at Patreon. Because of the Current Situation, the first four chapters will be free to read, going to a dedicated site as chapters finish. US$2/month lets you read pages as they go up, US$3/month lets you vote on small details in the comic¹, and US$5/month gets you all the behind the scenes process and progress stuff. So basically your Patreonage means you get to read it early. Oh, and you’re all going to order the book when it becomes available, right? ‘Course you are, on account of you’re not a jerk.

The link for Elephant Town² redirects to Corsetto’s Patreon, to a filter for the appropriate posts, so that’s probably the easiest way to see it. I’ll add the (to be named) site for the free chapters to the sidebar when it’s announced. In the meantime, jump in on the first few pages of Chapter 1, and let’s get to speculating exactly who these two characters are, and who they don’t yet know.

Spam of the day:

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Wow, a good, old-fashioned 419 scam from Africa! Okay, not a Nigerian prince, but asking for US$250 as a processing fee to get the US$2.1 million just waiting for me? That scam is so old school, it drives a yellow bus with gothic arch windows.

¹ Think What’s in the picture frame, here are your choices and not Which way does this incredibly important plot point go from here? The key word is small.

² Although, disclaimer: It worked for me over the weekend, today it’s timing out without the redirect working.

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