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Small Delights

Welp, I said a couple of days ago that I just might be getting royally drunk today so I could properly mourn the fact that I am not at this moment flying to #ComicsCamp as I should. Haven’t started, probably won’t on account of treating your life stressors with alcohol is not the best of coping strategies, but damn do I miss me some friends and also large impressive beards. There’s just so many of the in Alaska.

The weather forecast says it’s drizzling there pretty much nonstop through when I would leave next week, and it’s in the temperature range that makes drizzle most oppressively gross, so … yeah, still not calling it a dodged bullet. I’d put up with all of the weather in a heartbeat. But there are small things that are cheering me today and I figured I would share them with you.

  • Speaking of #ComicsCamp, Gale Galligan has been a treasured Camp Buddy™ for the past couple of years, particularly when she is teaching us about the ways in which bunnies are adorable and also very, very gross. And she’s the latest creator to sit down with the Brad “Sexy, Sexy Man” Guigar and Los Angeles resident Dave Kellett at Comic Lab.

    Dave ‘n’ Brad do a great job of brining as much lightness as possible to these very challenging days, but when they bring in another creator to bounce off of, it gets really fun. Galligan, as you may recall, has been responsible for the Baby Sitters Club graphic novel adaptations since Raina Telgemeier got too busy with her own work after the fourth book, and she knows the YA market like nobody’s business. Galligan joins the boys around the 25:40 mark in this week’s episode, and if you want to enjoy more recent convos, check out Karl Kerschl¹ (26:45 or so), or Lar de Souza (around 20:00). They’ll absolutely lift your spirits.

  • Well, that’s one way to convince obsessive completists² to read three months worth of archive. Randy Milholland included a throwaway caption that today’s Something*Positive exists because of a flash-forward panel from a 2013 strip … and then didn’t say which strip it was. And that’s what caused me to start at 1 January of that year and read forward until I found the damn thing. Thanks, Randy. Seriously, though — do you keep a spreadsheet of all the future reference dates in S*P? You must.
  • And Nicholas Gurewitch has come up with a seriously disturbing appeal to support his Patreon. I loved it and simultaneously feel like something wrong has colonized a corner of my psyche.

Spam of the way:

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Oh, please. Your readers spent decades constructing their infinite tactical survival bunkers and immediately turned into the dipshits out screaming they need everything opened back up so they can get a haircut and free refills on their iced tea.

¹ Who, weirdly, Google search results believes is 70 years old.

² [waves] Hey.

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