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Huh. We Were Down For A While There

Thanks as always to Jon Rosenberg for hosting Fleen, and for doing what’s necessary to get it back up and running when it stops.

Also, thanks are due to a bunch of creators up and down comicdom, who’ve decided that they aren’t going to let something like a pandemic that forces us all inside take down the friendly local comic shop that depends on us all going out. Creators 4 Comics¹ have come together to offer a series of auctions, the proceeds of which will be pooled to support the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (BINC, although I’m not sure how that works out unless it’s in French or something), which is taking applications for direct aid to stores, to disburse starting at the end of the month.

Various creators are running their own auctions of stuff that is, at times, very them. Chip Zdarsky, for instance, is auctioning off an original erotic story starring the auction winner, a situation for which the phrase self insert is both tailor-made and somehow insufficient. Ryan North, by contrast, is offering an original erotic story about Chip Zdarsky writing erotica about the auction winner and if these two keep this up it’ll turn Tinglesque in no time (North is also offering a never-before-seen comic book script). You can find commissions, signed books, TV show set visits, care packages, promo swag collections, logo designs, and more.

If you want to find a constantly-changing possibly current list of everything, that’s here. Then take a run over to Twitter and look for the #creators4comics hashtag and tweet a bid at the person making the offering you like (increments of a dollar, please). At noon EDT on Monday 20 April, bidding closes² — if you’re the high bidder, make your donation to BINC, send the creator your receipt, and get your stuff. Also keep in mind that new auctions will be going up for the next while, so keep checking in case you don’t find anything grabbing you.

Spam of the day:

Made with nanotechnology to filter the air you breathe

Oh for fuck’s … ahem. Making a mask with a very fine mesh to filter out things as small as viruses is not nanotechnology, you enormous, blithering bullshit artiste.

¹ Not to be confused with Creators For Creators, who are awesome in a different manner.

² Well, officially at least. Creators may run things with different end times, so check with them.

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