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Know What? I Got Nothin’

Nothing is grabbing me today, got nothing in the potential stories queue, and it’s a Thursday. Thursdays have historically been the days I have to reach to find something to talk about¹ for going on fifteen years now.

But if quarantine has taught me one thing, it’s that it’s a fool’s errand to try to tell yourself that isolation will boost your productivity. I might have stressed over this a bit in other times, but today I’m giving myself a break. We’ll see what happens between now and tomorrow. In the meantime, take care, wash your hands, wear a fabric mask² if you’re out in public (handwashing protects you, mask protects everybody else), don’t go out unless you absolutely have to, and try to treat yourself kindly.

Spam of the day:

Now Is the Time to Stock Up on Wine! 15 Bottles for only $85

Booze stores were designated an essential business in New Jersey so if I need something to replace the rather nice Zinfandel I have open now, I will put on a mask and go down to the corner rather than order from your wine overstock brokerage in … Idaho? Seriously?

¹ Not helping: even before they decided that they weren’t going to fulfill their basic functions, even before things started getting socially distant, Diamond has regularly shorted my local comic shop in general and my pulls in particular. Since I’ve been in, they sent out their last week’s distribution then apparently told UPS to interrupt delivery and return it to them for no godsdamned reason, so that last week’s worth of books I should have had pulled still hasn’t arrived. Maybe next Monday.

Anyway, I know this because once a week I call my shop and give them my credit card number for whatever they have for me so they aren’t entirely without sales. They’re now being told that things will be sent to them, so they may get books for the weeks of 25 March and 1 April sometime next week and I can hopefully get things mailed to me.

By the way, if you need comics and want to do mail order, give Rick a call at Comic Fortress. He’s a good dude.

² Lots of people are making them. Please save medical-grade surgical masks and N95 respirators for medical personnel. Oh, and remember they’re only good for about two hours so get a couple. Wash in soapy water and let ’em air dry.

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