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It’s A Little Disturbing How Much Sense This Makes

Olivia Jaimes, the pseudonymous webcomicker that revived Nancy, is never better than when she gets meta. We all know what happens on holidays when she wants to quote, phone it in, endquote, pretending to dash off a strip that’s in the top tier of the funniest things to appear on the comics page that month¹. Today, April Fool’s Day 2020, was a day that none of us were really up for anybody lying to us. We get enough of that daily at 5:00pm EDT from the White House briefing room.

But today, Jaimes gave us a goof that knocked it out of that friggin’ park — why, exactly, has Nancy never changed i 80-plus years on the comics page? She’s a daywalker, obvs. It’s exactly what we all needed, and further proof that she is the best thing to happen to newspaper comics this decade. Go read it and get a bit of respite from all of the …. everything.

Spam of the day:

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Too bad vampires don’t show up on cameras! Looks like Nancy and Sluggo are gonna chow down on your spammy ass.

¹ See also, Sluggo is lit, Last year’s Plentiful Rocks.

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