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This Is Super Short And I Don’t Feel Guilty About It At All

I could tell you about all the stuff I’ve got going on, but truth is it’s just a busy day and right now I’ve got other stuff to do if I’m going to be able to have an online hangout with friends tonight, and that personal contact is important. If you aren’t keeping up with the folks in your life get on that; stay at home orders are hard enough if you don’t take the time for yourself.

And while you’re making plans to catch up with your peeps, maybe check out the grant application that Patreon has set up for artists affected by COVID. If you’re lucky enough to not need relief funds, you could throw a couple bucks towards them — or towards your local health care providers¹ — if you’re so inclined. I’ve been pretty critical of Patreon of late, and there’s precious little information about how they’re evaluating applications or how much they’re giving out, but it’s something.

Now go take care of each other, and take some time for yourself. And excellent way to do that would be to spend eleven minutes watching an amazing tokusatsu/jidaigeki fan-film with one guy in a suit playing all the roles.

Spam of the day:

New chronic memory loss treatment leaves doctors speechless!

Gonna go out on a limb and say that doctors have more important things to worry about today. Maybe you meant Richard Epstein? He seems credulous.

¹ Or not so local. My agency is here, and Chris Eliopoulos would like you to know that his son is doing the same volunteer work as me, only he’s at the epicenter of New Jersey’s cases and I’m in the 2nd tier.

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