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That Was Quick x 2

Updates to two things that happened yesterday:

  • Matt Lubchansky, new Herblock Foundation Prize Finalist, appeared in the pinnacle of sort-of pop culture fame — as the clue in a crossword puzzle. It looks like USA Today releases its puzzles outside of the paper on at least a one day delay, and I gotta warn you that it’s a crappy piece of webpage programming¹, but still: from 1 March 2020 onwards, Lubchansky will be known as Matt “17 Across” Lubchansky, and I can hardly think of a better nickname. Whatever the timing, clearly The Powers That Be are aware of Lubchansky’s relevance and are adjusting the culture in response.
  • Warren’s out. I really thought she’d stay in until the next debate and unleash her wrath on Biden; she’s still gotta be nursing a grudge for when he gutted the bankruptcy reform process she’d spearheaded. I also really hope that the final debate rules will allow for candidates to tag in a partner, on account of Screamy Orange Grandpa would be absolutely dismantled in record time by a Warren with no restrictions and out of fucks to give.

    Regardless of what else happens, Sanders has a platform that is substantially the same as Warren², and he’s got my support, and there’s still time to email Rosemary to donate to Sanders and get amazing art simultaneously.

Spam of the day:

Prime Web Traffic 2764 Pleasant Road Bld APMB # 934 Fort Mill SC 29708

That address is literally a mail drop. Not giving me a lot of confidence here, spammer.

¹ At least in my Chromium-based brower; I’m still waiting for it to load the puzzle from Sunday so I can type in M A T T. Might be better in Firefox?

² I find myself largely in agreement with the logic of one Mr David Malki ! as to the abilities/outcomes of Warren v Bernie, but coming to a different conclusion. Namely, that she is more likely to get stuff done than Bernie, but that he is more ambitious in his goals; he concluded that you have to shoot for the less likely, but more transformative outcome and I think you need to grab improvements wherever possible. Or, to put it another way, I hope like hell that Bernie actually can enact his priorities by means of mobilizing mass support, but institutional power has done a damn effective job of ignoring the shit out of mobilized mass support as long as I’ve been alive.

I also think that Wall Street and your average billionaire regard Warren as more of an existential threat than Bernie, in that they’ve largely ignored him for his career, and they fought her tooth and nail at least twice before she was even elected.

With any luck, she’ll lead a party coup to replace the utterly worthless Chuck Schumer as Senate {at least Minority, please please please Majority} Leader.

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