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Be Glad I Didn’t Share The Inflation Fetish Art With You

Well, that’s for damn sure a Big Round Number:

Welp, that’s 5,000 comics.

The very sexy R Stevens did 4000 comics in the first incarnation of Diesel Sweeties and 1000 since — not counting his foray into newspapers for a year and a half. Now those 5000 comics weren’t all on consecutive days, what with weekends, and the occasional MWF update weeks, but imagine they were. How much is 5000 days?

5000 days ago, they were still doing primary cleanup from Hurricane Katrina. Donald Rumsfeld was still committing war crimes, Windows Vista didn’t exist, Mooninites hadn’t sparked the stupidest terrorism panic ever, and Bob Barker was waiting for you to come on down.

And by complete coincidence, today has a second Big Round Number, as David Morgan-Mar (PhD, LEGO®©™ etc), without fanfare, hit Irregular Webcomic number 4200 today, which also makes you wonder about the confluence of the two. It would make no sense to add those two, very large numbers together, you end up with 9200.

9200 comics, at one per day, would take you back more than a quarter century, you’d find Calvin & Hobbes on the comics page, Christopher Reeve walking around; it was world with no Pixar movies, no understanding of what it would sound like to introduce Oprah to Uma, or knowledge of who Kevin Mitnick is. Then again, you wouldn’t be able to learn most of that because there was also a near-total lack of search engines worth anything.

Heck, that takes you back far enough that my evil twin had only been cranking out daily comics for a little more than four and a half years. As of today, that makes for 7021 consecutive strips, but it’s not a Big Round Number so we’re not talking about it. We will, however, wish Howard Tayler a happy birthday tomorrow, his 13th since he made his appearance 52 years ago on Leap Day 1968. 13 and 1968 and 29 aren’t Big Round Numbers either, nor is 52, but believe me — when you’ve lived for 52 years, it’s feels like a big number.

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