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A Whole New Small Person

So I was going to be writing today about the official announcement, last week, that Queen Of The Sea (one of my very favorite books of last year) would be getting a sequel. Dylan Meconis had said as much, back in July when I last saw her, but the announcement made it officially official:

So some exciting news! There will be a sequel to Queen of the Sea!! There is exclusive sneak peek art and a lovely interview by @FuseEight right here.

Prince Of The City will pick up where Queen Of The Sea left off, but not for two and a half years, boo. Pages composed of watercolors take a hell of a long time to make, and Meconis has other projects in the meantime, like the History Smashers series (words by Kate Messner), which releases starting this July.

Like I said, I was going to be talking about all that today, but Meconis got upstaged a bit more than an hour ago, by an announcement of a new, ongoing project that she’ll be involved in:

I don’t want to brag or anything, but I turned my latest project in three days early.

My wife joked that I wouldn’t post about having a kid until we brought the baby home and I laughed because I’m not THAT paranoid but then it just kind of snuck up on me, and by that I mean “went into labor pre-dawn the day after turning in two huge sets of files” which is VERY me

Bringing a child into the world under the best of circumstances is an act of supreme optimism. Given the challenges we face now (and the women involved), I choose to see this birth as a declaration: the world had damn well better get its shit together and be a place worthy of this little one growing up, or it will be subjected kicking and screaming to ruthlessly logical — Vulcanesque, one might say — behavioral modification, until it does. Either way, we get a better world out of the deal.

Congratulations to Meconis, wife Katie Lane¹ (of Work Made For Hire), and to this perfect child, blessed with the two most amazing moms anybody could ever ask for. Associate Child Oversight Specialist President Teddy Roosevelt is reportedly preparing to help shepherd the new member of the family until they’re ready to apply to Starfleet Academy, or take up a career in nonsparkly vampiric piracy, whichever they choose.

Spam of the day:
Spammers don’t get to share the day with the new one. Bless.

¹ Light-ning Law-yer!!

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