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Mitt Romney Had An Attack Of Integrity And Also Things Happened In Webcomics

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the first and surely there will be takes elsewhere in the media, so let’s focus on the latter.

  • It was a tough 2019 for Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan; they worked up two books for print, and Moen had a well-documented (and damn brave of her to do so) intensive treatment for her mental illness. So starting in late December, they turned Oh Joy, Sex Toy over to guest strips for six weeks, to give themselves a break.

    Yesterday, they returned, and with the absolute happiest strip I’ve ever seen them collaborate on, and they do a comic all about ways to bring people to orgasm. Take a look at the panel I tweeted yesterday and tell me it’s coming from a place other than pure, contented happiness¹. Welcome back, Matt and Erika, and glad to see the break² did you some good.

  • Also taking a break for about the same block of time, Yuko Ota and Ananth Hirsh, who put Barbarous on pause to get caught up on other projects. The first three or so chapters of Barbarous were a measured introduction to the characters, always showing rather than telling³.

    Chapter four started to really build in the possible conflicts that the outside world might bring to Percy and Leeds, and chapter five got us back into the swing of things after a lengthy hiatus, dropping us into the middle of a magical attack from an thus-far unknown adversary. Things are speeding up and now is the ideal time to get caught up if you weren’t.

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Cochicine? Wasn’t that what Bones got accidentally injected with that made him go crazy and jump through the Guardian Of Forever? Tricky stuff.

¹ In this case, from having a squeaky-clean butthole.

² Or at least a bidet attachment.

³ Not only are the pair masterful storytellers, Ota’s one of the best character and costume designers in comics; nobody pays as much attention to how clothes accent a character except Kosuke Fujishima.

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