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Book Review Coming, On A Day When I Have Smarter Students

Just check me on this, okay? You’re following along an exercise in a course dealing with a very complicated piece of database technology, and you get multiple, literal red flags on the final status screen of the thing you’re doing. The text message that pops up tells you that the thing you were doing was pooched. Chooseable-path adventure time! Do you:

  1. Tell your instructor and pal, Gary, so that he can figure out why it happened¹ and what needs to be done to get back on track?
    Go to page class is delayed by five minutes and it’s a healthy learning experience for all.
  2. Decide that telling anybody, including your lab exercise teammate, is for suckers, leading your teammate to continue working on the assumption that everything’s good and unpooched, which puts things in a state where they cannot be repaired²?
    Go to page class is delayed close to two hours and while you learned something — literal red flags are there for a reason, duh — the primary takeaway is Gary doesn’t know how he’s going to fit everything into the remaining days of this very full class, good job.

So yeah — review when I can swing it. Maybe a brief post tomorrow, maybe not.

Spam of the day:
Spammers get a break because I don’t have time to make fun of them.

¹ It’s because you didn’t follow the instructions, but we won’t know that for another 45 minutes.

² This rare double-pooching — where you are even more pooched than ever before — in fact renders things into such a state that even uninstallation and reinstallation will not allow all the functionality prior to the initial pooching.

Oh, and in addition to the un/reinstall, all of the work done in the lab landscape for the past day and a half must be recreated³ so that your two teammates are not prevented from doing the remaining exercises in the remaining days of the course because you couldn’t follow the godsdamned instructions and threw them under the bus re: sharing the existence of literal red flags.

³ By Gary.

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