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The Thing About Holidays And IT

So there’s this long tradition in information technology that on a weekday with no mail, you get maintenance tasks done. That’s your window when users won’t be clogging the system or demanding your help. Coincidentally, my class starts on Tuesday this week instead of Monday, so I’ve been doing some put-off-until-a-free-day maintenance on my work hardware (some of which is being retired at the end of the month).

And, being a corporate system, it’s got a zillion little things that don’t work quite like the directions, and which are more specific and narrowly defined than my personal systems. In all truthfulness, I had an easier time upgrading my wife’s laptop to Windows 10 over the weekend¹.

So no post today. You’d think I’d have all the time in the world for webcomics on a non-teaching day, but tomorrow will actually be a less harried, less limited timeframe with hard deadlines. Weird, huh? Oh, and in case you had conflicts seeing Weathering With You last week, they’ve added some new screenings, so I’m heading out in about an hour for that. If you get the chance, it looks really good; if not, see you back here tomorrow.

Spam of the day:

Registration Confirmation

This one was completely blank, but Gmail thought it was in French. Asking for a translation revealed images with embedded English text, as well as an unsubscribe address that purports to be from the next town over and which appears to actually belong to the company mentioned in the text. I may take a mosey over there in my next free time, ask them in person why they suck so bad².

¹ If you’re still on Windows 7, I hope you installed the patches from last Patch Tuesday, ’cause they’re the last ones you’ll ever get. If you’ve got a licensed version of 7, go here, download and run the media creator (you need at least 8GB of free space) and run the upgrade. It’ll migrate you over and give you a new license. Oh, and be sure to run it from an account with admin privilege. Then go see what Tay has to say about securing your new Windows 10 machine. This have been a public service ernouncemint.

² I will absolutely not bestir myself to this effort.

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