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It Is Neither Necessary To Destroy His Brain Nor Pierce His Heart With A Stake

Sometimes, folks disappear. Pretty regularly, even; there’s artifacts of creativity and commentary that are lost to us forever. Occasionally, they come back, and that’s a useful thing for which we should be grateful.

If you do a search (over there in the box, underneath the archives drop-down) for “Xaviar” or “Xerexes”, or “[X]X-man”, you’ll find a stack of references — mostly more than a decade back — to the words and activities of the pseudonymous Xaviar Xerexes, who held for at Comixtalk for a considerable period of time in the heydey of webcomics. Being a lawyer has taken more of his time for the past while, but he was always a welcome contributor back in the day. He even did webcomics himself, c 2002–4, before he concentrated more on the writing about webcomics.

I think you see where this is going:

I am posting LIFE IN FOUR PANELS all this year at Technically some of it is a repost of the same comic I created from 2002-2004 but I‘ve revised it quite a bit to be more like the story I originally envisioned.

I have plotted out a year of daily LIFE IN FOUR PANEL strips and am updating Monday through Friday at

I’ve got all of January already done on LIFE IN FOUR PANELS and loaded to the buffer at so I’d be grateful if everyone could check it out at their convenience. Thanks!

Now before you go rushing over there, keep in mind that this is less here’s a continuation of my webcomic from way back when and more I figured out how to do what I wanted to do way back when but didn’t know how:

At first, I was just going to re-post the strips here, but in re-reading them I realized that I hadn’t really hit the story that I had wanted to tell when I started it. So I’ve taken a lot of the original run and sorted it around so that something closer to the story that I envisioned plays out over the course of 2020.

Fifteen years is a heck of a hiatus, but XX-Man’s got the entire thing plotted out for M-F release through the whole of 2020, and if there’s one thing that being 50-ish has over being 30-ish: you’ve got a better appreciation for big pictures. As for LI4P itself, the first few (I’ll confess, if I read it in the early years of the century, I’ve forgotten) have a feel that feels like my memory of the early runs of strips like Three Panel Soul or perhaps Three Word Phrase — and given that LI4P is from before The Threes launched, it’s a bit embryonic in comparison. Or as Xerexes puts it:

I had been reading Jim’s Journal and other “anti-humor” comics at time. The idea that a comic could be kind of “eh” was pretty freeing for me at that time in terms of trying to write.

So it anticipated some other webcomics, maybe? It’s a look back at some old-school sensibilities? It’ll let you see what an intentional design from somebody who’s thought about these things for a long time looks like? Or maybe it’s just a place to see where XX-Man’s head is these days. In any event, I thought I should mention.


Quick note: I’ve got EMT stuff to do tomorrow, it will likely keep me away from computers all day, so probably no post. If I don’t see you before Monday, have a good weekend.

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It’s an acronym, and Jon already owned the domain.

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