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It’s Raining And I Have To Drive Home On I-95

So it feels dreary and oppressive and somehow appropriate that the news comes today that Gahan Wilson, cartoon chronicler of the unsettling and uneasy, has died. We will not see his like for a long time, and we are the poorer for it.

On the other hand, he never had to live in a world with Cybertruck, the current embodiment of Elon Musk’s continual self-beclowning. I’m going to step back from all the dystopia and see about getting home. We’ll talk next week.

Spam of the day:

Never “learn” how to manifest money, again

If I could learn how to manifest money (which I think means make it just … appear?) I would certainly try to learn more ways to do that. I’d repeat until I manifested all the money ever, then give it all away until scarcity no longer existed and the act of having billions of money made you no different than anybody else, the fiction of wealth laid bare.

Yikes, I am in a mood today.

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