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An Oddly Relevant Bit Of Spam

Spam of the day:

sepia homeopathic remedies modafinil herbal bath salts

See, today I am a bit brainfuzzed due to the whatever it is that’s taken up residence in my mid-pharynx. I have a voice (which works out well for teaching) as long as I drink hot liquids and it goes away within about ten minutes when I don’t. I am laughing at the instructions on this bag of cough drops that says they should be used every two hours — a new eucalyptus charge goes in before the old one fully dissolves — and the generic DayQuil I’m on has me jittery and oddly hungry no matter how much I eat.

Yeah, so not paying attention to webcomics today. Gonna finish out class, head back to the hotel, and crash hard. Somebody let me know if we still have an international criminal conspiracy occupying the executive branch or if it’s collapsed yet.

Oh, yeah, and modafinil is a stimulant, homeopathy is a lie, and bath salts make Florida Men eat each other’s faces.

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