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Work Blowin’ Up, More Tomorrow

For the record, though, two thoughts:

  1. When I log an IT ticket because my working environment is failing and I include in the narrative exactly what needs to be fixed, kindly do not tell me that you need to consult the Subject Matter Expert to make sure I’m not an idiot, then send me a separate email that says (in essence) Dear Gary, we have you listed as a Subject Matter Expert, can you look at the ticket you logged and tell us if your suggested solution will work? If not, we’ll tell you that you said that you’re an idiot.

    Yes, this really happened.

  2. Or rather, it happened after a lot of screaming because I couldn’t log the damn ticket in the first place, because something has decided that the office I’m assigned to doesn’t exist and therefore I don’t exist and therefore I can’t possibly log tickets.

    The solution proposed to me for this is — wait for it — to log a ticket about how I can’t log tickets.

All of which is to say, when I came across Gail Simone’s tweet while on hold and in a fairly murderous rage, it was exactly what I needed. Much respect to Ms Simone for the funniest thing I’ve read in about forever.

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