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Under The Wire

Okay, this is almost too late, but it’s still about something in the future, so it’s okay.

Tomorrow, the third annual Marin Comics Fest kicks off; it’ll be a month-long series of events — talks, demos, book signings — around Marin County. The bulk of the Fest doesn’t begin until 4 September, a week from Wednesday, continuing until the 25th, with details on all events here.

But the launch? That’s tomorrow, at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Landry Walker will be discussing his work and signing his books in the lobby, with admission to the event free to public.

Even better, if you have a library card from any library in Marin County, you’ll get a free admission to CAM for the day. If you don’t have a library card, go to any Marin County public library to fill out the form or click here for instant online registration. Note that online registration requires a credit card for age verification, but is free; also, you get a temporary card from instant reg, and need to visit a library in person to convert it to a full card with access to all resources.

Okay, now enjoy your weekend; my wife’s visiting her sister, so it’s just me and the dog if you wanna come over and hang.

Spam of the day:

GET A FREE 15 IN 1 SURVIVAL KIT For a VERY LIMITED TIME we are giving away these 15 in 1 survival kits with every backpack.

From what I can tell, your “Combat Bag” is crap — poorly laid out, low quality materials, likely to fall apart on the first use. Thing is, there’s good bag makers out there, only they aren’t all Rah rah, I’m a prepper waiting for society to fall so I can be a big ol’ badass and alpha predator so the intended audience for this tangible piece of toxic masculinity doesn’t know about them.

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