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No Post Today

I’m going to a town hall meeting with my Representative, where I will be urging him to not only support, but actively advocate for impeachment. Call me misguided, but it seems a little more important than webchuckles today.

It’s very important. But do you really want Mike Pence for president?

Pence is widely disliked by members of his own party and does not command the cultish devotion that Trump does. But aside from that, Trump has committed numerous violations of law and the Constitution, and thinks himself above reproach. If we are to be a self-governing people, he must be impeached, or we have truly replaced the office of President with that of Dictator.

Your points are well-taken. However, I suggest that the GOP is cultishly devoted to being in power, rather than to trump per se. You are correct that U.S. democracy is at risk, but trump is a symptom, not the cause. His belief that he is above the law is a huge red flag, but it is not unique to him. The entire GOP must be swept out of power, and I am not confident that the 2020 election will accomplish a large enough fraction of that to be effective.

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