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What You Need On A Friday

Recently, Rosemary Mosco — science communicator extraordinaire and all forms of nature but especially birds afficianado — ran a comic (seen above) about birds whose common names suffer from Tony Danza syndrome¹. The Mo[u]rning Dove has a mug expressing its opinion on the topic of mornings, and because Mosco is a professional, you should know immediately that cloacal kisses are totally a thing.

Meanwhile, the mad geniuses over at TopatoCo know a good thing when they see it. The world needs a Mornings Can Kiss My Cloaca mug (complete with handy arrow) and now there is one. There’s also some misprints that lack the arrow for five bucks less, but honestly? It’s the arrow that makes it. Well, that and the irritated eyebrow the bird sports. Get one for the morning-averse person in your life.

Yeah, we’re a bit short on words today, but you got nearly 15,000 of them in the past ten days and I need time to catch up on everything that happened since SDCC started. Enjoy the weekend, we’re out.

Spam of the day:

How did your recent visit to 7-11 go?

I haven’t been to 7-11 in more than five years when on weekend EMT duty on the hottest day of the summer, we stopped by 7-11 on the way back from the hospital for Slushies. I hadn’t had a Slushie for, I’ma say 35 years, and had a moment of panic the next day. Blue is never a color that should come out of you.

¹ As in, what’s the refrain to that one Elton John song? Hold me closer, Tony Danza, right?

“Blue is never a color that should come out of you.”

Every year at school we would have a dinner where we got the freshmen to drink a bunch of cheap jug wine. Little did they know that we had put some Bromphenol Blue in it (I’m a Bio major, it’s common stuff). It stains dead cells but is excluded from live ones. So the body simply filters it out through your kidneys. Get up in the morning, go to the john and it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Hilarity ensues.

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