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About To Go Eat Thai Food

Sunday was crazy, I saw a really great panel on the differences between technology and magic in fiction with the best moderating job of the show by Lilah Sturgis; more on that when I get to it. Going to be a lot of recaps in the coming week, folks.

Pack out was the usual elegant chaos, many goodbyes were said, and we’ll see you all next time. Go safely, my friends.

A great Aziraphale (a very good Crowley¹ was one of the photos lost in transfer yesterday) and a very good Princess Azula and Avatar Aang were the only ones that really caught my eye. Sunday is traditionally the day I play Cosplay Or Just Dresses Like That?, and this year had a lot of ambiguity.

¹ All the best Crowleys were women; guys just weren’t willing (or able) to commit to that hip-swaying swagger that David Tennant committed to. Angels and demons don’t have gender, so don’t walk like a dude!

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