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A Gentle Ray Of Light In Dark Times … No, Wait, A Shark

It’s dark days, my friends — literally in my case as work has me in Atlanta¹, where it’s been very rainy and thunderstormy — but even in these circumstances it’s possible to find little bits of hopefulness.

In this case, news today from Noelle Stevenson (creator of one of the greatest webcomics of memory, which appears to be lost at the moment² because some health and beauty spammers appear to have appropriated Stevenson’s site at [don’t click], but thankfully the Wayback Machine is forever) that she’ll have a new book out soon:

Big news! HarperCollins is publishing 8 years worth of journal comics as a collected comics memoir! Check out this exclusive cover reveal and interview! [flame emoji]

You’ll find the interview at io9:

The Fire Never Goes Out is a collection of seven or eight years of Stevenson’s personal comics, which come together in a memoir about her life. Some of the comics were previously published on her Tumblr page, but others are stories and comics she’s never shared before. It’s an interesting and unique look into Stevenson’s life, as she was living it, making it less of a retrospective and more of a journey through someone else’s journey.

Sold. I love the retrospectives that read like the experience of somebody’s life at playback speeds (cf: Lucy Knisley graphic novels). We can expect it in early January, about a year before the scheduled release of the film version of Nimona. Stevenson’s one of our best, most emotionally honest storytellers, and to see her tell the story of herself is going to be a delight. Follow her on Twitter, hopefully her domain comes back under her control soon, and the third season of She-Ra drops in early August. Gotta space out those little bits of light, remind yourself that there’s always another one just around the corner.

Spam of the day:

This “hidden survival muscle” in your body will boost your energy levels, immune system, sexual function, strength and athletic performance when unlocked.

Muscles are not boss fights that must be overcome by grinding or microtransactions. Get up every once in a while, stretch, touch your toes a couple times, and stop making it sound like a damn ‘cheevo.

¹ But I got to have dinner with Andy Runton last night, so that’s all right.

² I mean, it wasn’t all online any longer because the book’s been out forever now, but the first three chapters were there.

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