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Happy World Sauntering Day 2019!

I hope that everybody is girded and oiled, you gotta be careful not to hurt yourself. For those of you not familiar with WSD, it’s Jeffrey Rowland’s favorite holiday and it features sauntering, obvs, and must be observed no matter how busy you may be.

And on this World Sauntering Day (or more accurately, Sauntereve), we saw a miracle: lo, the word came from the firmaments that something joyous was upon us:

WE’RE LIVE. Back “Shattered Spear” now on Kickstarter to bring @claystorks’ incredible comic to print at ICC, for the FIRST AND LAST TIME.

And the print edition of Shattered Spear is FUNDED! Thank you, everyone! This KS will continue to run for a full 30 days, to give @claystorks’ readers as much time as possible to back. But don’t miss out! This book will NOT BE AVAILABLE after this KS!

We are LESS THAN $200 AWAY from Shattered Spear’s ONE AND ONLY stretch goal of a sweet cover enhancement!

And that’s IT. “Shattered Spear” is now not just funded, but has hit its one and only stretch goal of a cover enhancement. The book is not only happening, it’s gonna be PRETTY. You have 29 DAYS LEFT to get you hands on this book! Don’t let it get away!

What’s the big deal, Gary? An Iron Circus book funded in five and a half hours, we see that all the time. Ah, but it’s not just a fast-funding Iron Circus book, for a couple of reasons:

  • This is the launch of a new imprint, Circus Maximus¹, the purpose of which is to showcase short, unique comics.
  • Specifically, things that have not been in print before, and will not be in print again. These are one-shots.
  • They have low price points, low goals, short duration runs, and short fulfillment windows. I’d bet you a dollar that the files have already been specced out with Spike’s printer of choice, quotes for both fancy- and non-fancy cover choices received, and as soon as the campaign closes the go order will be given.

So instead of a traditional book publisher-type deal (some years of rights to the work, options to renew, new printings in future as warranted), Circus Maximus is closer to a magazine structure (right of first publication only, unlikely to reprint, narrow timeframe to obtain fromthe publisher and afterwards only on a secondary market). Think of the entire CM project as a very particular, occasionally-updated literary magazine where every issue has a different theme/editor — a mutant child of Granta, Utne Reader, and The Nib — and you won’t be far off the mark. Otava Heikkilä may do a printing of Shattered Spear in the future (indeed, this run may be proof of concept more than anything else), but it won’t be from Iron Circus.

I’ve said it before — sleep on the things that Spike is inventing/experimenting with at your peril. And sleep on this Kickstart only if you’re comfortable maybe never having a physical copy of what’s likely a terrific story.

Spam of the day:

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Wow, I have been Subscribe on All porn websites? That … seems like it would take a lot of time.

¹ No word yet if Iron Circus semibenevolent dictator for life C Spike Trotman will retroactively declare the smut offerings part of an imprint called Circus Penis, but come one, it’s sitting right there!

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