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Briefly, Before Bingeing

Good Omens releases today and I need to finish up work and get to the more humorous End Times than the parade of shitbaggery that is foisted upon us daily.

Before I head out to do that, I’ll mention that Christopher “Doc” Hastings has finished is most recent Twitter-hosted webcomic, Harry Potter And The Guy Who Hijacked The Wrong Fucking Plane (starting here), and started a new Twitter-hosted webcomic: Never Enough.

It’s only just started, but promises to be noirish and full of ridiculously over-the-top melodrama and terrible, terrible jokes. Warning for the four people that don’t like [Super] Mario [Noun] lore: you’re gonna want to skip this one.

Spam of the day:

If your 2019 resolutions include saving money or getting healthier, or improving your productivity you’re in luck.

My 2019 resolutions include kicking the ass of anybody that abuses commas like you just did, Spanky.

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