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Good News, Bad News Kinda Day

The good news being, I am personally well! The bad news being, a doctor’s appointment that resulted in the good news being all official-like took up more time than I anticipated and I’m behind today.

So I have just enough time to point you at a piece of capital-G, capital-N Good News, which is that Jeffrey Rowland has found the time to rebuild the archives of his Wigu comics, meaning you can hop to any story-day¹ for the first time in some time. He’s got bunches of his other work in there, too, including the seminal When I Grow Up, the universe-defying Magical Adventures In Space, Wigu side stories, and more.

As an added bonus, he has taken the time (as too few webcomic archives do) to make guest strips easily findable. There are too few guest strips, but we should all appreciate the effort. Go and take a look and remember: if you love a webcomics creator and support them with the purchase of their stuff, there’s an excellent chance that happens because one day, Rowland decided to become the world’s most unlikely mogul, and that’s why he makes the big bucks.

Spam of the day:

The Worlds Strongest Tactical SmartWatch – Water, Impact, and Dust Proof

Sweet suffering fuck, I get it. I am a dude, but please stop rewarding the cult of masculine off-jerkery that dictates you can’t like a thing unless it ties into an image of ass-kicking and violence. Just stop.

¹ Each story arc in Wigu starts with the characters waking up, and ends when they go to sleep.

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