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Added Together, They Can Drink

How’s your day been? I got into a twitterfight with a brand that has questionable manufacturing quality control and terrible customer service policies, so I got that going for me. Anyway, I thought I could direct you to a pair of webcomics that launched on past Aprils Third, and which could not be more different.

Today, A Girl And Her Fed becomes a teenager, but hopefully holds off on the sullen aspects for another year or two. If AGAHF were a Jewish boy, today it would be a man! It retains the flinty-eyed examination of the implications of technology, surveillance, and the War On Terror that first pulled me lo those many years ago, and keeps me coming back for one of the best villains in fiction. I loathe Clarice so much. So very, very much.

Also today, Cucumber Quest turns eight, and Cucumber has some questions. CQ is all earnestness and sincerity, letting youthful chosen ones and ancient dooms play with their roles in new ways¹, and allowing hostage and captor to find time to bond as genuine friends over baking. And above all the art is adorable, A-DORBS, from top to bottom.

So unless you have some surgery to do on a kitchen appliance of your own, may I suggest blocking out some time to archive dive on one or both of these webcomics? Initialistic creators KB Spangler (AGAHF) and Gigi DG (CQ) will surely thank you for reading (and even more for purchasing) their stories. You’ll thank you, too.

Spam of the day:

This patch MELT fat from your body FAST and EASY. Drop 27lbs in 15 days

Gmail is telling me This message seems dangerous presumably because all of the links in this spam are chcok-full of malware. I’m figuring it’s dangerous because if it does what it promises, it would take a full 20% of my mass in two weeks, which seems like a bad idea.

¹ Why exactly have there been so many previous Chosen Ones? And why does the ancient evil not particularly want to be part of a cycle of threat, retreat, and more threat?

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