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EmCity Programming, Just In Time

Hey, y’all. I know that many of you are in the act of traveling to Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con, but here’s some programming you might want to keep an eye out for; because there are numerous panels that fall into clear topic lanes with certain people repeating, I’ve taken the liberty of first examining these clusters before going strictly sequential; naturally, many other people will contribute to these sessions.

The Katie Lane Cluster
Katie Lane¹ brings the legal knowledge; note that some of these require separate admission.

From Panel To Publisher (Thursday, 11:45 to 3:15, TCC L3-R2) is intended for lawyers representing clients in the comics field. Comic Book Negotiation And Contract Drafting Practicum (Friday, 1:30 to 3:45, TCC L3-R2) is for the same office, on Lane’s favorite topic ever. Critical Contracts And Copyrights For The Comic Book Creator (Saturday, 11:00 to 12:00, WSCC 3A) is for a general audience of creators and also all appreciators of alliteration.

The Gina Gagliano Cluster
Gina Gagliano had a very good 2018, is going to have an even better 2019, and will turn comics upside down in 2020. Ignore her at your peril.
The Graphic Novel Survival Guide: Tips, Strategies, And Tools For Building Your Graphic Novel Classroom (Thursday, 12:00 to 1:00, Seattle Public Library Microsoft Auditorium) is skewed towards teachers. Graphic Nonfiction: An Introduction (Thursday, 1:45 to 2:45, Seattle Public Library Level 4, Room 2) is for everybody from creators to teachers. STEAM-Powered Graphic Novels (Friday, 3:00 to 4:00, TCC L2-R4) will focus on the sci-comm potential of the medium.

The Colleen AF Venable Cluster
Colleen AF will be busy AF, talking about very nearly every aspect of comics and graphic novels.
99 Problems But A Comic Ain’t One — Comics As Therapy (Thursday, 3:00 to 4:00, Seattle Public Library Level 4, Room 2) wins for best title, as well as looking at the humanistic support comics offer.
Inclusive Comics 101: Or, Comics For The Rest Of Us (Thursday, 4:15 to 5:15, Seattle Public Library Microsoft Auditorium) should be the last time we have to discuss the fact that comics don’t “belong” to any subset of readers, and that gatekeepers suck. No More “Others”: Cultural Connection Through Comics (Saturday, 5:30 to 6:30, TCC L2-R4) should be the last time we have to discuss the fact that comics exist in every country and describe every culture. Writing Graphic Novels For Any Audience (Saturday, 6:30 to 7:30, WSCC 603) assumes you aren’t objecting to the self-evident truths of those last two panels and are looking to expand your audience to the historically underserved.
LGBTQ+ In Kids Comics (Sunday 12:00 to 1:00, TCC, L3-R2) discusses how kids are learning about what it’s like to be queer from some friggin’ great comics.

The Noelle Stevenson/She-Ra Cluster
Noelle Stevenson took a fairly soulless toy cash-in from decades ago and made something really beautiful that’s delighted people. Conversation With She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power Creator Noelle Stevenson (Saturday, 10:45 to 11:15, ECCC Live Stage, Booth 1239) and Dreamworks She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power (Saturday, 12:15 to 1:15, WSCC 611) will give her a chance to talk about the show, its message, and what’s coming up.

The Dylan Meconis Cluster

I’ve long said that I adore Dylan Meconis as a friend because she’s just a little bit evil. That desire to poke at what she loves is evident in The Long Con, the story of a comics convention that never ends and all the weirdness that would inevitably result; ain’t no nerds that don’t come in for some noogies here. Tales From The Long Con (Saturday, 4:00 to 5:00, TCC L3-R1) is a telling of real-life con stories, and Dylan Meconis And Ben Coleman On The Long Con (Sunday, 5:45 to 6:00, ECCC Live Stage, Booth 1239) will give you the chance to finish out ECCC with the knowledge it can always be worse — you might have been trapped in the convention center for five years while the world outside ended.

Other Panels Of Note
The Reurgence Of Anthologies And Zines (Thursday, 4:00 to 5:00, TCC L3-R5) will talk about one of the surer ways to level up your comics career.

Convention Horror Stories, An ECCC Tradition (Thursday, 4:15 to 5:15, TCC L3-R4) will feature the worst from co vets Jim Zub and Katie Cook.

Spotlight On Iron Circus Comics (Thursday, 5:30 to 6:30, TCC L3-R4) is what it says on the tin, with Blue Delliquanti, Evan Dahm, Kel McDonald, and Maria Frantz.

Kickstarter Presents: Kickstarting Your Comic (Friday, 5:30 to 5:45, ECCC Live Stage, Booth 1239) is brief, so go, listen, learn, and stop thinking Kickstarter is a magic money machine, godsdammit.

Can You Suggest A Good Comic With No Butts And Guts: Exploring Amazing Elementary And Middle Grade Comics And Graphic Novels (Saturday, 1:45 to 2:45, TCC L2-R4) is seriously completely self-descriptive.

The Lost In Wikipedia Game Show! (Sunday, 4:00 to 5:00, TCC L3-R5) has a superfluous exclamation, so you know David Malki ! is involved. He Los Angeles resident Dave Kellett, Kris Straub, James Sutter, and Camilla Zhang will be professionally funny for your amusement.

And Then There’s This Thing:
Boats And Boners 2: Too Boat, Too Boner (Saturday, 6:30 to 7:30, TCC L3-R2). Yeah. Lucy Bellwood (boats) and Erika Moen (boners) reprise their discussion in front of a classy fireplace from last year. I’m just relieved they didn’t title it Boats And Boners 2: Electric Bonerboataloo.

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