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Neither A Day Late Nor A Dollar Short, But Pretty Close

I’m always behind in pointing folks towards Emerald City Comic Con (which starts on Thursday and runs to Sunday), and I resolve to get my act together one of these years. After a couple of EmCity iterations under the ReedPop banner, I get the sense that this is a make-or-break year for the until-now universally beloved show — it’s showing signs to messing with things that didn’t need to be messed with, and possibly reducing the comic component of the show.

As long as it doesn’t devolve further unto a generic pop culture show, I think it’ll be okay, but I’m not sure if it can still claim the mantle of premier comics-oriented show¹. After all, the Literary Guests² outnumber the Entertainment Guests by 2:1, and the Comic Guests outumber the Literary and Entertainment Guests put together by a third.

Some of those Comic Guests likely to be of interest to readers of this page include Abby Howard (booth KK19), Blue Delliquanti (booth KK20), Chip Zdarsky³ (booth JJ12), Edwin Huang (booth E14), Emi Lenox (booth G11), Erica Henderson (booth O3), Jim Zub (booth Y14), Kazu Kibuishi (no booth, here’s his schedule), Ngozi Ukazu (booth P7), Ru Xu (booth P3), Sarah Andersen (no booth here’s her schedule), Sfé Monster (booth G1), and Taneka Stotts (booth P14).

On the main show floor, you’ve got Alaska Robotics (booth 204), Cautionary Fables & Fairy Tales (booth 208), Los Angeles resident Dave Kellett (booth 1616, on the skybridge), Girl Genius (booth 118), Harper Collins (booth 2202), Hiveworks (booth 2002), Iron Circus (booth 644), Little Vampires (booth 310), Oni Press (booth 216), TopatoCo (booth 1606, on the skybridge).

Over in Artist Alley you have the traditional cluster of folks in Aisle H-for-Helioscope Studio (including Aaron McConnell, Aud Koch, Cat Farris, Dylan Meconis, Erika Moen, Jonathan Case Katie Lane, Kerstin La Cross, Leila Del Luca, Lucy Bellwood, Maria Frantz, Matthew Nolan, Ron Chan, Ron Randall, Steve Lieber, and Terry Blas). Also around you’ll find Yuko Ota & Ananth Hirsh of Johhny Wander (booth P6), Gigi DG (booth OO4), Haley Boros (booth U9), Mad Rupert (booth P2), Megan Rose Gedris (booth LL7), Jam from Wasted Talent (booth G1), Molly “Jakface” Nemecek (booth R3), Lexxy Douglas (booth BB13), Tyson Hesse (Q11), and the inimitable, indefatigable, indomitable, and indescribably awesome Tony Breed (booth S10).

Note that Blind Ferret will not be at the show, but Lucas Elliott and Evan Dahm and will, at booths 1916 and 208, respectively.
Updated to add: Mary Cagle, at booth 2002.

Okay, that’s it. Yeah, it’s not that long a post, but wrangling that many links? Takes forever. Let me know if I missed anybody, and we’ll talk programming in a day or so.

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¹ To the extent that such thing as a premiere comics-oriented show still exists outside the Festival model. Everything on the convention center, multi-day scale is pretty heavily invested in the TV, movie, wrestling, and generic entertainment component.

² At least some of which — Molly Muldoon, Colleen AF Venable, Judd Winick, Gale Galligan, Alison Wilgus to name just a few — could easily have counted in the comics category.

Oh, and all those links (and the others for individuals) are to Twitter, since that’s what the ECCC guest profiles provided. Comics will generally be to the website in question.

³ Losing out the “last person by family name alphabetical order” crown to Zub again.

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