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Because I’m In The Bay Area For Another [checks watch] Four And A Half Hours

I’ve got just enough time to establish residency and take advantage of some sweet discounts at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco. Here’s the deal:

The Cartoon Art Museum thanks its fans and supporters throughout Northern California by offering discounted admission to its galleries throughout the year as part of its ongoing mission to ignite imaginations and foster the next generation of visual storytellers by celebrating the history of cartoon art, its role in society, and its universal appeal.

San Francisco residents enjoy the benefits of a reduced General Admission fee to the Cartoon Art Museum all year long, and the Cartoon Art Museum is pleased to announce that it will extend that same discount to other counties throughout Northern California during select months in 2019.

*Residents of the following counties will enjoy reduced admission to the Cartoon Art Museum during the months listed below*:


Residents of these counties are asked to provide a valid photo ID to claim this admissions discount.

January Napa
February San Mateo
March Santa Clara
April Solano
May Sonoma
September Alameda
October Contra Costa
November Marin

Yeah, okay, maybe I won’t still be at the Marriott in Alameda County in September (at least I hope not; the red-eye flight home tonight is gonna suck, but at least my dog will be thrilled to see me tomorrow morning). And wherever you live, CAM’s got you covered this month for pay-what-you-want on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:00am to 5:00pm. For the rest of the year, the first Tuesday of the month will still be PWYW, so bring the family and enjoy exhibits like A Treasury Of Animation (ongoing), and Emerging Artist Showcase: Thi Bui (through 14 January). There’s really no bad time to visit, to be honest.


In decidedly less good news, KB Spangler of A Girl And Her Fed shared the following earlier today:

I’m sad to say that Zu, our beautiful goofy big-hearted train wreck of a dog, has metastatic bone cancer. You know him by his Twitter callsign, Shitbeast Prime.

Requisite disclaimer: Spangler’s a personal friend of mine, I wrote the foreword for her first book, and I’ve been bowled over by Zu because he masses nearly as much as I do and has a much lower center of gravity. I’ve also lost two dogs to bone cancer. It’s heartbreaking, trying to find a way to keep them from pain but not rob them of any good days.

Spangler’s not asking for anything, but believe me when I tell you she would move heaven and earth for any treatment that seemed viable, damn the cost. If you like her work (in her comic, which is great, or her novels, which are great, or livetweeting White House press conferences so you don’t have to watch them, which is not great per se, but a damn valuable resource), maybe purchase some of her work?

And if you have a Good Boy or Good Girl of your own at home, give them some extra love; I know that Zu would appreciate it.

Spam of the day:

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Frederic (or is it Anastasia, you use both names in your spam), you offer for download from your site what purports to be porn articles, related photos, and pics of you [presumably engaging in the personal experience you mentioned]. Does that actually work? It’s kind of obvious what you’re attempting here.

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