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Happy 2019

She may not have enough boats to do this daily, but she's got enough to take care of you if you get out of line, 2019, so keep your shit together.

Did everybody enjoy the end of 2018? And by end of, I mean in the sense of driving a stake through its rotten heart, burning it on a sanctified pyre, burying the ashes at a crossroads under a wreath of garlic, and sowing the ground with salt.

We’ll be back to regular posting shortly as everything starts to ramp up again; tomorrow will be a skip day as I’ll be on a plane for most of it.

In the meantime, let us all resolve to be more like Wonderella.

Spam of the day:

Jimmy Fallon: Judge Judy exits

I see we’re starting the year off with some prime-grade nonsense. Well done, 2019.

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