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Baker’s Dozen

It’s been established in the past that the exact date is lost to us, but I’m gonna say that today is as good as day as any to say that Fleen went live. It was as early as the 5th of December 2005 that we were banking posts, and it was the 22nd when Jon posted the public announcement and rules, which have mostly been adhered to (although that whole firing thing would be a neat trick, as I’d have to form a majority to fire myself).

But it was around now, somewhere between the 12th and 15th when posts started going public and getting written daily in reaction to things happening on the day. The 13th of December 2005 featured some recurring themes — drama, shitstorms, personalities clashing — to a degree that we may as well declare it the official start.

So, that’s 13 years down; this page is now a Teen, with all that implies. Here’s hoping it doesn’t turn so snotty that we have to murder it before it becomes legal to drink.

Spam of the day
We didn’t feature spams when we launched, so we’re giving them a rest for the anniversary.

Happy Birthday Fleen!

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