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To The Pain

I was having such a good week at work, too.

Long story short, at approximately 0932 CET, somebody from my company’s European operations (presumably, given the time) decided to log into the resources dedicated to the class I’m teaching and treat it as their personal experimentation sandbox. They uninstalled the product I’m teaching and then reinstalled an earlier version incorrectly.

Then … nothing. No further messing-about, which suggests strongly that they realized they’d fucked up and decided not to tell anybody. That last part is why I’m going to war.

I am going to find them. I am going to psychologically and physically damage them until they never want to go near a mouse or keyboard again. The seventh generation of descendants will whisper to their children to always take care in their computing, or Gary will get them. I will salt the earth beneath their annual evaluation and leave no survivors. Babes will look at their career and cry out Dear God, what is that thing?

This may take a while (as will getting my class back on track), so probably won’t see you until Monday.

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