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I Have Suddenly Never Wanted Anything More In My Life

This one takes a little while to roll around to webcomics. Stay with me, people.

You may be familiar with Pat Rothfuss — fantasy author, comic book collaborator, comic strip character, D&D enthusiast, and general beardo¹. He also raises a metric shit-ton² of money for good works every holiday season through his charity, Worldbuilders. This time of year, he ceaselessly wrangles other creative folk to run auctions, merch availabilities, lotteries and such; he’ll even commit himself to doing you a service, Godfather style

The chief beneficiary of all of Rothfuss’s efforts via WB is Heifer International, who alleviate poverty and hunger around the world by matching up those in need with livestock — cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, bees — and veterinary knowledge & tools. As of this writing, Rothfuss has raised 92% of a US$400K goal for the year, with a bit more than eleven days left; not that reaching the goal will ever stop him until the timer runs out. He’s north of US$7.4 million raised over the past decade, which adds up to a lot of livestock.

Okay, I told you all that so I could tell you this: Rothfuss has done (and convinced others to do) damn near everything weird thing under the sun, in promotion of Heifer. But he’s never written a guest strip for a sex education webcomic:

Hey so, one of Pat’s stretch goals is writing a comic for OJST with his NotW characters =D You all should help make this happen =D

I’m not sure if those are smiley faces in the tweet from Oh Joy, Sex Toy creator Matthew Nolan, or very short dicks. But I do know that Rothfuss’s Name Of The Wind (aka The Kingkiller Chronicles … the last book of which is perpetually pending) features some sex. Like, whole sequences of prime fuckomancy. I have no idea what he might write that was illuminating and educating, or who he might get to illustrate it, but I suddenly want to read it as badly as Nolan does. Only one way to make that happen.

Spam of the day:

Take a Dip Into Style

I cannot express the degree to which I am not in the market for ladies swimwear.

¹ I know that I once commented on the Twitterfeed of my evil twin re: a picture of him and a magnificiently bearded Rothfuss, that should Rothfuss and Randy Milholland ever meet, it would be Beardaggedon. Their beards would tangle, fight, and love fiercely. Can’t find it now, dammit.

² Equal to 2.54 imperial shit-tons.

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