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Happy [American] Thanksgiving, Have A Picture Of My Dog

I’m thankful that she’s developing indoors manners at a prodigious rate, and is settling into the house nicely. If you’ve ever thought Hey, know what I need around here? A good dog!, there’s going to be a huge number of pointy girls and boys that needs homes because Florida banned dog racing. You can find an adoption group near you here.

I’m also thankful that Randy Milholland has revived one of my favorite hiatused comics projects, Super Stupor, at least for today and tomorrow. It’s been a bit more than six years since we got a Super Stupor strip, and going on seven since we saw any of the semi-regular characters.

For those that haven’t read the strips, they’re an easily-managed archive dive from the first, the four comics are the best cape books of the past decade — really! — and they dismantle the tropes of super heroes in ways that Alan Moore and Warren Ellis hadn’t even considered. At least I don’t remember either Watchmen or Nextwave inverting the Women In Refrigerators thing.

They might have had super-powered dick-punching, I’d have to check.

But seriously, the entire strip is terrific, and Punchline may be my favorite costumed hero, because for all the extraordinary rudeness, there’s a tremendous amount of heart to him (especially in Super Stupor issue #2). Same for Eyesore, and Big Killhuna, and Rumble Bee, and Archangela, and, and, and…. Milholland’s always had a knack for making his characters people in addition to vectors for jokes, and he makes the most of it here.

Okay, probably that’s it until Monday (I have holiday duty on Thursday, so it’s gonna be a bit hectic around here). We might not see each other until then, but I’m thankful for you, too. Most of you. One or two, not so much; you know what you did.

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