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For Your Pachydermic Consideration

Check out my sick elephant!
My! Check out that sick elephant!
Check out my thicc elephant!!
Sick out my check elephant.
Chekhov, my Elle sycophant! (1423)
Check out … Mice! Ick; Aleph Hunt.
Shrek out my Chick Hell event!
Che gout! My sequel affront! (1426)
Check out shy MacOlaf aunt. (1427)
Check out t’my C Kelley Fund. (1428)
“Shaquille if ent? My check is out!”
Chuck, out my Shaquille event.
“Chuck ’em” Isaac Elephant.
“Check out my schtick, LA!” vent […]
“Check it — buy six elephants.”
Chuck, add my sick elephant.


Check out my Sikh olive vint!
Check out my sheikh/caliph hunt!
Check out my slick ‘L’-glyph font!
Schick cowed my sect colophon!
Check outside — McAuliffe fan!
Checks outbuy soft eloquence.
Chuck out my alley-found stick!!
Hell out my Czech sickle fount!
Chekhov’s mighty sick of all of it!
Checked out, Mike Seagal, I found!
Chekhov’s — MY! — sitch, elephants!
Chekhov! Nice schtick! Hella fun!
Check out my icky skelephant!

… and still three more parts in The Elephant Of Surprise, (which started its 10-part epic in comic number 1427).

Assumning that three more strips are all that remain, that will mean that 23 strips — roughly a quarter of Wondermark’s annual output — will have been devoted to this one running gag. Considering that there have been 28 subsquent variations on the initial repeated phrase¹, I’d say that my flippant prediction that David Malki ! would both a) produce at least 26 variants; and b) rename his strip to Checkoutmysickelephantmark is on its way to coming true.

And I suspect that in Malki !’s appearance on the latest Jordan, Jesse, Go! with Jordan Morris and Jesse Thorn features at least one stealth elephant, sick or not. Thorn and Bullseye² sent over a camera to make a video of Malki !’s workplace, and I’ve been watching it obsessively, trying to figure out where the elephant in the room is. I know it’s there somewhere! I just have to connect all these strings on this corkboard and I’ll find it. Oh yes, I will.

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¹ Plus one more on Twitter.

² Malki ! is well-acquainted with Thorn, having been a repeat participant/presenter at MaxFunCon, a previous guest on Jordan, Jesse, Go!, and a previous interviewee on The Sound Of Young America³ (the original name of Bullseye).

³ I asked Malki ! once how long the original interview with Thorn was, that was cut down to the approximately 26 minutes that was broadcast. He told me that there wasn’t a longer original to be cut, that everything pretty much went to air as it was recorded.

This is because Jesse Thorn is one of the best interviewers alive and really knows how to structure a conversation, but also because David Malki ! is an easy conversationalist, one that makes this kind of interview easy. Check out these slick gentlemens.

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