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No Word On Whether Or Not He Taught The Band To Play

Sometimes, you gotta just start with the quote; from Krishna Sadasivam:

It was 20 years ago today that PC WEENIES made its debut on the world wide web! I’m formally retiring from the strip at the end of October. More details on -thanks for reading! #pcweenies #krishnadraws

I’d put in the obligatory note about how in just one more year (well, one year from yesterday), PC Weenies could legally drinks, except not:

I’m really proud of how the strip has grown and evolved. It’s not perfect, but it represents a body of work that I can look back on and say “I did that”. As many of you already know, the strip comes to a close on October 31st this year.

So sad, cut down in its prime; then again, PCW has had hiatuses before, and Sadasivam just can’t seem to entirely quit Bob and Company. And, to be fair, Sadasivam’s internet online endeavour has been far more than just comics for some time — hardware and software reviews, and I still maintain that his best comics work was actually his family-inspired Uncubed, so maybe he goes back to that? His daughter’s got to be 11-12 years old, there’s some prime material for comics … and Dad-inflicted kid embarrassment.

What I’m saying is, Sadasivam is no stranger to cartoonic reinvention¹, and come Thursday next week, we get to see what else he’s got up his sleeves.

Spam of the day:

I hereby ERASE your debts forever!

I am not Screamy Orange Grandpa (credit: KB Spangler), I have no need for scammy bankruputcy services to cheat people out of what I promised them.

¹ Much like R Stevens, whose work we see above because the title demanded it. Besides, how many comic strips can you name that feature Xeni Jardin, Stan Lee, Scott McCloud, Steve Wozniak, Chewbacca, and me? It’s a shame that The Belz wasn’t able to join us for the shoot that day, it was a blast.

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