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Gonna Be A Busy Week Or So

Traveling home today, then weekend EMT duty, then off to a conference next week (and bee-tee-dubs, probably won’t have much change to post next week, so apologies in advance) but there’s still some things I wanted to share.

  • Firstly, that Minna Sundberg’s superlative Stand Still, Stay Silent wrapped up what’s now termed Adventure 1 yesterday. There will be more, but once upon a time this might have been the end of the explorations of the Silent World. It’s been just under five years, just over 1000 pages (FULL COLOR PAGES, y’all) and one NCS Division Award for Long-Form Webcomic, and you know what? It’s still a damn good, damn beautiful read. Sundberg’s taking a couple weeks breathing space before diving back in with Lalli, Emil, Sigrun, Mikkel, Reynir, and Kitty¹ for more exploration of a world gone feral:

    No update next week, but check in Monday the 8th! That’s the official launch date of the physical book 2, the kitty plush and keychain charm set, and I’m working on the first ever SSSS-themed t-shirt design! So there’s something new even for people who already got the book and other stuff. After that I will post something every week like I usually do during chapter breaks: the cover for the next adventure, cover of first chapter/prologue, maybe even the first page early. I’ll give specific dates for those on the 8th, so see you then.

    Another important date: the French translation of SSSS book 1 is coming out (in bookstores and online) on the 16th of October! So if you’re a French speaker definitely keep an eye out for that, it’s being published by Akileos publishing.

    Hey, Fleen Senior French Correspondent Pierre Lebeaupin, let us know how good the translation is.

  • Secondly, and also yesterday, Los Angeles resident Dave Kellett wrapped up a hell of successful Kickstarter campaign for Drive Book 2. He cleared US$116,000 on a US$25,000 goal², and unlocked something like 19 stretch goals, including every Tales Of The Drive “shared universe” story since Book One (and also including one running now: The Ballad Of Fintresslanope, Hero Clerk Of The Fillipod People, drawn by Carissa Powell and written in rhyming couplets by Dylan Meconis), enhancements to the hardcover, and e-books of every single book LArDK’s ever put out³, whaaaaat.

    That last bit? I’m not sure he can dangle that particular carrot again, at least not to those of us that backed this campaign. I mean, next book around we’ll already have e-books of every book he’s ever put out, so I guess he’ll have to get a whole bunch of new fans so that the eventual Books 3 through ∞ get the same awesome treatments as Book 1 and 2. Get on that, LArDK, I don’t want the remaining volumes to look chintzy next to 1 and 2!

Spam of the day:

Oops! It’s No-Pantie Day! [bikini emoji]

Please do not send me your surreptitious upskirt photo collection spam at a time when women are having their past men-inflicted traumas revisited upon them. Which is to say, ever. And if on the off chance this isn’t a collection surreptitious upskirt photos, but rather carefully-staged upskirt photos meant to look like they were surreptitiously taken, then read the damn room, jerk. This is not the time.

¹ RIP, Tuuri. >sniff<

² As mentioned at launch, no FFF mk2 prediction for this one; the early launch to Patreon supporters messes with both the FFF and the McDonald Ratio.

³ Including the self-pubbed print collection of his pre-Sheldon college strips. Pretty sure none of us have ever see those.

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