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Speaking Of End Games

I held off on my holy shit!s for more than a week, because I know some folks like to read their story strips in bigger chunks. Want to talk long games? Meet Jeffrey C Wells and Shaenon Garrity. Meet the payoff that has been hinted at as far back as February of 2009, with the first solid details arriving 13 months later.

It had been speculated as far back as the beginning (at the end of 2007) that the main characters of Skin Horse map to the main characters of The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, but the final confirmation didn’t hit until two and a half weeks ago. There are others, but to find them to link would require trawling all of the colors strips in the archive, and they start just about exactly five years back and I’m not made of time, people.

So there’s the Wizard, the Man Behind The Curtain, giving gifts to the main characters: pins to the Scarecrow, liquid courage to the Cowardly Lion, a heart to the Tin Woodsman, a balloon to Dorothy. And nine days ago, Wells and Garrity laid all their cards on the table — the Wizard of the Emerald City was Ari Green (aka Ira Rosenkranz, aka Violet Bee, aka Dr Ao¹, aka Goldbug … there may have been indigo and orange aliases in there at some point). The idea was there baked into the strip from its genesis and nobody caught on. In a world chock-full of whackjobs that trawl the internet for the most tenuous evidence to support their pet conspiracy theory, nobody caught on.

With the reveal not only of the Big Bad, but the fact that there actually is a Big Bad, it feels like Skin Horse is moving its pieces into a late-game configuration. Having seen how Garrity treats the big curtain-drop in the past, I’d say we have at least six months to go.

And whenever it does finish, we get to see what they do next. Hooray!

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¹ Japanese for blue.

No, I’m betting there wouldn’t have been any orange or indigo aliases. I think that Ao = blue for the Munchkins, Violet = purple for the Gillikins, Gold = yellow for the Winkies, Rosenkrantz = red for the Quadlings, and Green is the Emerald City.

Good analysis, and bonus points for remembering the Gilikins and Quadlings. Thanks to the movie, everybody loves Munchkins (and occasionally Winkies) and forgets the rest of Oz’s residents.

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