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It’s Raining Again

Not terribly hard, but after yesterday’s downpour, there’s a lot of groundwater. Like, a lot a lot, and I’m hoping that today’s drive home is not a crapshow. In the meantime, there’s two books you should be aware of.

Firstly, the latest Iron Circus Smut Peddler iteration, this one about gettin’ it on with robots. If you followed ICC Generalissimo For Life C Spike Trotman on the Twitters last night, you know it funded out in the first four hours, will be going for only 15 days (pretty sure that’s a record for brevity), and has already passed the second creator’s bonus level. And if you didn’t know all that, now you do.

Secondly, Abby Howard’s new book releases today, and she celebrated by illustrating a comic for Zach Weinersmith (I really love their collaborations). A sequel to last year’s Dinosaur Empire (which was great), Howard sends Ronnie and Ms Lernin to before the time of the great lizards, to the Age Of Fish and beyond, when the seas were alive with critters curious and lethal.

Ocean Renegades¹ looks at the Paleozoic Era, when water was where it was at, evolutionarily speaking. From soft-bodied jellies to sailbacked dimentrodons, Howard takes you through a few hundred million years of nifty critters, and I can’t wait to obtain and devour this great book.

How can I be so sure it’ll be great? Because I got to speak to Ms Howard for about two minutes in San Diego this year, and thanked her for all of her comics, especially Dinosaur Empire, and thanked her in advance for Ocean Renegades which was surely going to be awesome. If it wasn’t going to be awesome, she would have had to tell me — it’s like they have to tell you if they’re a cop, it’s the law. Anyway, Abby Howard knows more about prehistoric beasties than you do² and lucky us, she’s willing to share.

Spam of the day:

¹ Not to be confused with the occupants of, a Jersey shore basketball team.

² Man, I hope she gets to do a book on the post-dino mammalian periods. Ever see the ridiculous things that lived in the Age Of Horns? Hippos, rhinos, pigs, deer, rabbits, horses, sloths, all with horns growing up out of their snouts. Probably fruit bats, too. It was a weird time.

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