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F-Six, Checking In

The Fleen Fight For Fungible Futures Fund is back on.

I’m sure you saw the announcement; it’s been several times in my twitterfeed, but let’s go with the one from Ryan North, who (as a giant of a man) cannot be denied:

Our goal is to raise $42,000 for legal defense and support for separated children and their families. I just donated, and you can too: …

Good news: ActBlue reports the US$42,000 goal was hit in under 24 hours. The site is still live. Send me (that would be gary) at this-here website, which is a dot-com your receipt for any amount¹, by the end of the week, and I’ll match the first US$2000. I’m giving away a lot of money these days. Gonna keep doing so, until we prevail.

I’m not the only one making matches or doing fundraising! For example, since I started writing this, Molly Ostertag announced that’s she’s making available three personalized copies of The Witch Boy with three original pieces of art, with proceeds going to Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center. You can’t get any of them though, because they went in about 20 minutes. I’m counting her $400 as the first matching donation, so we’re already well on our way.

And for the sake of all that is good, make some noise. Do not let the current administration of racist sociopaths decide for the rest of us that their policy of imprisoning children (how long before they’re put to work, I wonder? I hear work sets you free …) is a thing that’s acceptable in any fashion.

As long as we’re making plans, those of you that attend San Diego Comic Con next month may have another means of support and direct action. Pat Race noted that there’s an ICE child detention center (I hated having to type those words) in San Diego, and he’s making enquiries to determine if there’s some way for creators to come and engage the kids with art and comics.

It’s been noted that there’s a risk that engaging in this fashion may normalize the practice, but you know what? I think having eyes on the inside, belonging to ordinary people, has tremendous value. I can’t teach art or speak Spanish, but I will provide witness if given the chance. Fill out the contact form if you’re willing to help, should this turn out to be a possibility.

Spam of the day:
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¹ Along with how you’d like to be credited, or if you’d prefer to be anonymous.

If you would consider reading some detailed information about the situation, try www. nationalreview. com/2018/05/illegal-immigration-enforcement-separating-kids-at-border/#slide-1

Name redacted because I don’t want to bring the author in for abuse. This is called empathy, which is a quality lacking in the author.

But we are not parsing terms or debating the morality of traumatizing children on this page. Quite frankly, National Review has always been a journal of white supremacy theory, and their arguments are bullshit. Oh, they should go to a legal port of entry to claim asylum! Be legal! is disingenuous pearl-clutching and ignores the fact that the Border Patrol is closing legal ports of entry to prevent people from using them.

But you do you. If you want to find ways to justify the atrocities being perpetrated, I can’t stop you. But I’m telling you this sincerely: you’re being the modern equivalent of The Good German and I don’t want you in my online home. You can fuck off to Diversity and Comix or some other place more your speed, and tell them how the big mean SJW made you be racist.

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